My Seasucker mini bomber bike rack review

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by importbible

Just wanted to share my review of my new bike rack, was really frustrated looking for a good rack that would: fit my car, easily removed by one person and didn't damage my car.


Seasucker started off making accessories for boats based around their ingenious vacuum cup. These massive cups are used to mount the bike rack on to the car using a small vacuum pump. Each cup measures 15 cm in diameter and has a pull rating of 210 lbs.


The rack itself is devoid of any details besides looking like a bomber plane (hence the mini bomber name) and made of plastic. A single cup with with a large Velcro strap keeps the rear of the bike planted. Mounting is easy, the cups have an indicator for low vacuum levels and stops pumping when the max limit is reached.


The mounting system is rock solid, the only thing to watch out for is to make sure to mount the rear cup on a solid surface. In this instance the roof is not very sturdy so I mounted it close to the door edge.


The bike rack performs flawlessly and I have no complaints about its utility. Without a doubt people will find it nerve racking at first but once you drive on the highway those concerns disappear. If you're wondering about wind noise – it’s non existent until 100+ kph speeds.


Pros: Easy to install/remove, leaves little to no damage (dust scratches don’t count to me), cheaper than most options and can be mounted on any vehicle.

Cons: Non permanent rack by default (someone could take your rack in one minute), design wise pretty bare, company site doesn’t look like its been updated in awhile

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by DiscoBoy

It looks good, but I don't think I'd be happy with that angle of attack of the bike myself.

by Weenie

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by hdk

I have the same rack, carried two bikes 1,000 miles at speeds up to 80 MPH and never had a problem. I would say however, that when there are bikes in the rack, there is a lot of noise coming from the bikes. never drove it without the bikes, so maybe the rack itself is quiet. I also worry about leaving it on the car in some areas, because you could steal the thing in 30 seconds.

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