Colnago C59 Disc...Worth it...?

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by hepe10ab

Hi guys,

What do you guys think of Colnagos C59 Disc version...? is it worth the extra pennies...?

Anyone who has the bike....?

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by Djo

Have a c59 eps disc and a c59 mechanical, ride both regularly

Disc brakes are massively superior, modularity and control is a generation ahead. Rear brake can pull with complete control.

Down side, weighs more, noisy and when climbing out of saddle I notice flex in the discs.

In 9 months I've worn through first set of discs. The spring mech in the focus bb67 pads is weak and there's not much tolerance in the gap. Takes a while to set up properly and you're best off doing it yourself if you're happy to bleed the hydrolics.

I ride up and down the hill I live on daily, in traffic, on a beach. I've spent a while pondering if I would buy discs again. Every time I feel the disc brakes pull going down I know I would.

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by eigner

Could you eliminate some of your issues with the disc installed on your c59 eps, by replacing the stock calipers pads and discs with, say XTR components?
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by mjduct

Different lever ratios between mtb and road, probably different reservoir/piston issues as well...

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by eliflap-scalpel

hepe10ab wrote:Hi guys,

What do you guys think of Colnagos C59 Disc version...? is it worth the extra pennies...?

no. heavy frame.

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by fromtrektocolnago

I ride a c-59 with mechanical group set and shimano ulegra caliper brake set up. The braking control is so good that I can't imagine the need to spend more. Also think that Colnago was still tinkering with frame and fork design and how to deal with the extra stress from the disc brakes; I see they stiffened up the bike for 2014 and then made more change for it on the C-60. C-59 is a great bike, but adding disc brakes could detract from that impression. Also disc brakes add maintenance issues to a bike, calipers are much simpler.
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by Stats

I don't know what the price difference is, but if you're looking to get a C59 disc - I'd be looking to go for the C60 mechanical instead if they're similar in price.

I don't like disc brakes for road... I have hydraulic disc brakes on my mountain bike and whilst power and modulation are far superior, they're just a complete pain in the ass to maintain. It's not worth the trade off at all IMO... I've never had a hydraulic disc brake bike that has not had problems at some point; I've never had a cable rim brake road bike that I have had problems with.

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