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by Vince99

Hi everyone,

Could you please tell me how often it is recommended to change saddle ?

I've had a Fizik Arione for 3 years now, and when I put a spirit level on it, the maximum gap between the saddle and the bottom of the spirit level is 3 milimeters.

Is it the same for you or for a new Arione saddle ???

Thanks !


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by rijndael

IME: Fizik saddles do sag over time, it's pretty common.

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by gitsome

I find riding saddle longer (Selle Italia kit carbonio and slr tekno) helps the saddle soften a bit and has only gotten better so far. Btw the slr tekno is at least as confy as kit carbonia and weighed 92g. Not sure about durability tho...
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by Marin

I would change the saddle if I'm not happy with it anymore, no earlier.

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by kgt


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by BikeAnon

Marin wrote:I would change the saddle if I'm not happy with it anymore, no earlier.
Good advice.

Does your butt have a spirit level and a ruler?

If the saddle is uncomfortable, change it.

Me? Fizik Arione with 10 years on it (and during most of that time I've been over 200 lbs). No problems.

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by Spaetzle

My saddle was worn out (too flexy) after two years. Thus I had to replace it.

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by ninjaman

Spaetzle wrote:My saddle was worn out (too flexy) after two years. Thus I had to replace it.

What saddle?

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by mjduct

Nice things about the Arione: they have about a half dozen combinations with thinner padding, carbon rails, carbon shells etc. that both drop the weight and increase stiffness if you want to do either of those. I prefer the CX padding with the regular kium rails, the other ones are a little stiff for me after 40-50 miles

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by thencameyou

I have been running an Antares braided for at least 15k km on one of my bikes. Two cracks in the shell last time I checked, still comfy though so going to keep riding it until it gives out completely!!

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by Zoro

Brooks Pro - whenever the bike is stolen - or 30 years. Kid removed all padding on his carbon and just changes his bibs. I've noticed bib pads are getting pretty thick. No need to ever change if riding on raw composite.

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