Cheap Oval Chainrings?

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by ToffieBoi

Hello everyone.
I recently got a cheap carbon Sram crankset (Sram S900 I guess) from a friend.
The chainrings are dead and I need replacement.

I have now 52/36 Ultegra 6800 crankset and I am really happy. For the second one, I want to have oval chainrings but couldn't find any cheap. I don't want to spend too much money on them, since I have bad knees and it can be bad for me.
I remember, on eBay there was a few brands (Doval I guess, was one of them) but now I couldn't find any now.

Any recommendation for it?

I also have second question. I have Shimano BB now on bike, and I wonder if I can use it on Sram crankset?
I put it on bike, fitted nice and firm but I want to be sure. There are BBs on market for Sram or Shimano differently, so I wonder if there is any dimension differences.


by Weenie

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by eric

Sram GXP BBs are different from Shimano BBs. The ID of the NDS bearing is 22mm instead of 24mm. The GXP spindle is stepped down to 22mm on that side. When you tighten the fixing bolt the bearing inner race is trapped between the crank arm and the shoulder on the spindle. The spindle floats in the DS bearing. This keeps the crank located laterally without requiring setting bearing preload. It's a brilliant design.

The Sram Force GXP BB is inexpensive but has durable bearings and low drag.

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by ToffieBoi

Thanks for the information.
So I am changing my BB to use the Sram crankset.

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by jmartpr

KCNC makes two types of oval / rectangular chainrings for compact cranks. The K3 Cobweb are oval and 34/50T....The blade chainrings are more rectangular like Osymetric and jump to 5/39t

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by ninjaman

Rotors pop up used on ebay/forums pretty regularly. I'll vouch for em, I've had em on my race bikes for years. It's tough to ride normal rings once you get used to the feel.
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by jordo99

I haven't used mine yet but I bought a set of Doval rings off ebay last summer. They appear to be pretty good quality and are CNC'd well but I can't speak for their performance/durability.

For 1/4 of the price of Rotor I'd say it's a great investment to try out the concept and then when they wear and you could replace them with something more expensive.

by Weenie

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