SRAM Red Yaw FD and Rotor Q-Rings

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by indywagon

I'm trying to pair my Rotor 3D+ crankset with a SRAM Red Yaw front derailleur and the results have not been satisfactory. It shifts OK but there is significant grinding on both ends of the spectrum. I'm told by my LBS that this combo does not play well together. Is this true?


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by wpccrunner

ive also heard of many people having issues with the yaw and oval rings. It has to do with the rotating nature of the FD and shifting on the low spot of the rings, IIRC. Everyone I know that has switched to a Shimano FD has been happy with the front shifting.

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by Rev

I've got 2 bikes set up with standard Q rings and the 10 speed yaw front derailleur and I haven't had any issues. I just followed the SRAM setup instructions using the highest point on the rings and the only combo I have any kind of chain rub in is 39/11 (which isn't too hard to avoid)

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by tinozee

I have the yaw front der. as well, and it works fine with both standard and QXL chain rings. Like Rev says, you just use the high point of the oval to set the clearance. It's super easy and works fine.

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by grid256

The answer is yes and no. I used Qs on a half dozen frames for two years of racing and training and the success of the shifting aside from proper front der setup, is often a bi-product of the frame geometry. So, bikes with a long wheelbase will usually shift better because the high and low rubbing you describe is less likely to happen. For the frames that would grind really bad (looking at you P3 and Shiv TT) I had success with a the old DA 7800 front der. And yes, I used a YAW front as well.

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