ROTOR Q rings with Sram RED exogram cranks

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Hi mates, after a lot of ploblems with my Fsa K Force Light crankset, i decided to change it for a new Sram Red Exogram. The thing is that in my old crankset i used a pair of Rotor Q Rings that i want to keep to fix in the new cranks, but i have a doubt. The timing of the fixing bolts is diferent in the the Sram's, and i dont know if it will work properly, i need advice of somebody who tried this before.
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I have a set of 11 spd red exograms (quarq) and am running a set of QXL rotor rings with no issues at all. I have also run the normal Q rings (still Q rings, just not the QXLs) with no issues also. Great rings and great cranks!

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