Damaged my frame, repair, replace or just ride? *Update pg2*

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by AGW

My RD broke and flew into my wheel today. My chain stays are pretty chewed up, but only one spot is showing bare carbon. What do you guys think?

This is the underside of my NDS chain stay:


RD hangar won't die :lol:

Thanks gents!
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by FIJIGabe

I'm no expert in the matter, but it looks like the carbon may have some cracks in it. I would have someone look at it more closely to make the call. Call your LBS and see if they can recommend someone who does carbon repair.
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by AGW

I sent some pics to Calfee.

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by drchull

Repair, I would not ride that. 1st pick is bad.
Of course when I had the same issue I repaired and replaced. Even better now have two bikes (well 4 actually).

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by alexaqui

I suggest getting it repaired. I had a Colnago C50 with a completely cracked through seat stay and sent it to Ruckus in Oregon. They did a great job... can barely tell it was fixed. Just an alternative to Calfee. Price is about the same. I also checked with Carbon Frame Repair and they seemed to know what they are doing as well.

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by Razor

I have almost the exact same kind of impact/crack on my DS chain stay in almost the same place, it happened 1.5 years ago. It has caused no problems whatsoever. Has not gotten worse, no noise. I ride 200-250mi per week.

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by veloflyte

No need to quote pics

All you really need to do is test the damaged area. If you are able to push a sharp pointed object into the crack then it's certainly questionable. If the damage is only on the surface then it's probably safe. Most carbon seat stays are thicker walled simply because they are small in diameter. You could send it to Calfee in California to have it repaired if need be.

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by ToffieBoi

Damage looks like only on the surface. Coating, paint and a few layers of carbon.
I believe that carbon fiber itself is strong enough to compensate this damage.

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by latman

i would get it checked out as i think it needs a repair

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by AGW

Calfee received it Monday. They told me that both chain stays are cracked under the paint and will require wrapping. The LBS simply grabbed the dropouts and flexed the rear triangle before declaring it was good to go. :/

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by ayrej2

the dérailleur managed to get both chain stays on its way around? Impressive!

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by NiFTY

I would not ride that. Cost of new frame/repair is insubstantial compared to cost of facial reconstruction if it fails. Don't be a cheapskate.
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by ave

I'm curious, how did the RD broke off?

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by AGW

:noidea: I was shifting into the big:big, cross-chaining like usual, under no significant load. Then boom. I think the b-tension was way off causing the top pulley to bump against the 25t. Still can't quite picture how the NDS chain stay took the hardest hit.

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by emorydptt

I can understand the drive side chain stay getting damaged, but the non-drive side?!? I hope that you're ok. I imagine the wheel is pretty toast too?
Calfee is a great company. They repaired a Cervelo R3 of mine about 5 years ago.
You can probably pick up another Focus frameset for a little more than the cost of the repairs as I imagine they would have to actually cut and replace sections of the tube rather than just wrap or patch.
Good luck and let us know how things ended up.
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