EPS V2 Installation

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by robhall2003

Hi All,

So just installed Campag EPS V2. I used the Campag wiring guide tool which was the way to go but really chocked at paying money for the original tool used to hold the battery in place down the seat tube. Here is my 'version's it and it worked a treat. If you would like to buy one from me they're for sale at 50bucks :lol: Please note my sophisticated tape method is Patent Pending :P

Also to note. Campag make a big deal about using the tool to connect/disconnect the cabling. Conecting is easy peasy: Line up the white dots and gently push together. Open: pinch the two joining posts and voila! its open. Easy.


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by Butcher

I bought a metal rod and tapped the threads. Worked as plan and looks better. Then it went into the metal junk bin.

Great that you found a work around, like many others.

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