C60 or oltre xr2

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by markyboy

I have been looking at the bianchi oltre xr2 and like it a lot.
My question is shall I keep my c60 or sell to fund the oltre xr2 :noidea:
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by fromtrektocolnago

C60 barely came out. If you are looking at other bikes you either don't like the Colnago or are capricious. I'm a big fan of the C-line and can't understand what there is not to like, especially on longer rides where riding comfort comes into play keeping one fresh on the bike. It is a great bikes, but if its not working for you sell it and move on.
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by Bogan

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by CippoForLife

Very different bikes. C60 is way smoother and more stable, Oltre is snappier and lighter but not nearly as compliant.
Both nice Italian bikes.
I'd say Oltre for racing, C60 for anything else.

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by kgt

So, you already have a C60 but think of selling it in order to get an oltre xr2... Why?

IMHO you don't need another frame, you just want to spend money for some reason. :)

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by fromtrektocolnago

I tend to go 10+ years before switching bikes, unless I find the bike not working for me. The only bikes I upgraded earlier were a Trek 330 that was involved in an accident and a Trek 1200 that rode harsh and was a size too big.
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by jimaizumi

While I have also pondered selling my RXR for a Oltre, the ultimate conclusion that led to me not pulling the trigger was the money for performance aspect.. So now I just ogle at it online whilst love riding my RXR...
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by RedRacer

Anyone want to guess how much stiffer the Oltre's BB area is vs the C60? I guess both can deal with 1300W sprints without drama.

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by fromtrektocolnago

The heart wants what it wants......

Personally , I'd rather spend those dollars traveling , training and riding in new locations. Its the engine that powers the bike that matters most.
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