Revised Scott Foil?

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by Novamax


Is there any inkling of a revised, maybe stiffer Foil?

by Weenie

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by Zigmeister

Is this a joke? Stiffer? Do you own or ride one?

I switched to carbon bars to help dampen the insan rigidness and brutal ride, especially coming up through the headset.

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by mann2

oh man! if there's something which scott has to do with the foil is reduce stiffness :)

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by pawnii

^ +1
2012 Scott Foil Premium

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by record

LMAO. Being stabbed with a knife would be more comfortable than stiffer FOIL.
A light bike does replace good fitness.

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by Novamax Ok, I should have been more detailed. Stiffer around the BB and a little softer on the seat stays. I know, I know, you guys are gonna say you don't need it unless your a top Pro sprinter.

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by Zigmeister

Considering the Foil is one of the stiffest on the market right now at the BB, I'm guessing that isn't happening anytime soon. Plus, they are known for that stiff/rigid ride, like the Addict, but even stiffer the Foil is IMO.

I do notice flex when out of the saddle starting a climb on the big ring, and the flex will cause rubbing on the derailleur. I guess the new Yaw Red FD would solve that issue maybe?

And who knows if that is the BB, the cranks (Quarq S975), or QRings that is actually flexing.

With my deep-v 50mm training clinchers, the ride is brutal. During race season, I just switch to my 303 FC tubies for training as well, they dampen the ride/flex with the wider profile carbon as they are designed, and make the ride more tolerable.

I finally switched to a 3T ergonova carbon bar team edition (Red/Black matches perfect to the foil), and they helped with the absolutely horrendous headset stiffness/feedback.

I would say the two biggest things that have made the ride tolerable were the Zipp 303 FC tubies and the new carbon bars. I was darn near about to ditch the Foil frame because of the jarring ride. Only a seasoned/conditioned pro could handle that stiffness for 4+hrs.

So, I feel ya TS. It would be nice to have some better BB stiffness/less flex I get, at the same time, a more dampened headset/feedback through the bars. I just had to do it myself with the wheels/new bars.

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by Mr_Carlos

Just how good is the Scott Foil frame and Ultegra Di2 groupset? My '08 Cannondale System Six with 7800 Dura Ace is getting old but not sure how much I'd gain with the Foil and Di2?

Thanks in advance

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by Ahillock

Not to pick on the frame of your interest, but the Foil is miserably stiff and uncomfortable. Also I don't believe it tests that well in the windtunnel. I would say, stick with your SystemSix over the Foil. That SystemSix is still a great frame. Are there any other frames you are considering?

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by redcard

What do people think of using a Foil 15 as a commuter? Bad idea?

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I have a Foil and while I would not consider the ride plush, it certainly doesn't feel miserable or like I am being stabbed with a knife. Regular rides of 4+ hours are no problem.

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by dmoneysworks

^ +1

In fact with pacenti SL23 24mm wide rims & 25c tyres there fairly smooth save large bumps!! And if you want more compliance (from the seat stays) I'd say buy a '14 Addict

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by odin99

heard that some of those system six frames are super nice riding. why not upgrade wheels / group / bars and keep the frame?

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by GaBa

I am not considering Foil stiff as well but it is true that it's hard for me to do any comparison, since this is my first bike after 4 years of not cycling. And I do 6h rides as well and find it ok. Probably it depends on the quality of the road as well? Here around Barcelona they are smooth as can be, back in Slovenia rides are much bumpier :(

The thing I started noticing is that the front is too high for me (no spacers) and I'd prefer it lower. I'm riding size L with 183cm height and few mm less than 88cm inseam. Was wondering what size you guys ride?

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by JasperGr

L with 186cm and 88cm inseam.
Saddle height: 784mm
Saddle-bar: 575mm
Drop:115mm (no spacers)

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by Weenie

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