Stock Zipp and DT Swiss 240 hubs - why held in such contempt

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by kdogg32

ultimobici wrote:
indywagon wrote:So, besides Campy and Shimano, which are both pretty heavy by weight weenie standards, what hubs are better then the Zipps or the DT 240s? How do Chris King R45 hubs stack up?

Campagnolo heavy? They're lighter than R45's and much more easily serviced, if they ever need it. Add in that they have much more appropriate bearings than any WW hub and the only drawback they have is that they are only available in 32 hole.

I've been riding Campy and DT Swiss 240 hubs for years and Campy has never let me down on five separate sets of wheels. I've also rode DT Swiss 240 hubs with good success, but managed to crack the flange on a set of Bontrager XXX. I still think they are good hubs, but Campy is just super smooth and run forever.

I've been using a set of 2013 Zipp 404 FC tubulars for awhile now and have really liked them so far. They're a bit loud, but have held up so far.

by Weenie

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by Arky

The dimensions to properly do a press fit for a bearing are in the tenths of thousands (inches). Zipp is correct for thinking to the .0002" (.005mm). If you do not do a press fit, that is fine, but do not be surprised when the bearing/hub interface becomes a bearing too, resulting in wear and radial play, which results in other bearings being loaded incorrectly (and possible subsequent failure). Think you can add interference to gain tolerance? Think again, this will compress the bearing and cause premature wear.

I don't think Zipp designs much for manufacturing. They attempt to design for what they think is best within a high-end cost parameter. That explains why they have (or had?) wire EDM for pawls. It is one of the slowest and most expensive machine shop practices out there. No Zipp fanboy, just calling it like it is.

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