Bamford Cycling Department custom bikes....

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by mile2424

Not sure if anyone is familiar with Bamford, mostly know for their customizing of Rolex watches. Apparently they have decided to enter into the custom bike market....tailoring different carbon lay ups to different tube sections.....bespoke internal joining system....etc.

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by Flint

I'm fairly sure it will be the same bamford family that own JCB therefore they're sure to make a good job of it. The watches are stunning.

by Weenie

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by Knoxxy

Nice watches.

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by haventfigureditout

I joined to comment on this.

Doesn't the 'custom carbon fiber lay up' and the geometry remind anyone of Rolo Bikes?

Seems a bit of a big step making high end bikes out of thin air..

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by eric

That's the worst web site ever.

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by kac

Is this enterprise by the people who own the small Seattle area shop? If so, they need a new web designer.

RE: their watches, Rolex won't warranty watches that have been modified like these (not in my price range, but true nonetheless). Also, there's another guy who already has the "Hunter" name trademarked and he's a litigious they'd best watch out (pun intended).

by Weenie

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by ash1

whats so bad with the website :noidea:

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