S-works cavendish edition shoes

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Mapei down under
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by Mapei down under

The green accents on top aren't too bad but the bright green sole is repulsive!
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by petepeterson

I know.... I might spray paint it black.

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by tinozee

Those are sweet like that, like Rod Laver tennis shoes. Pure class and good for summer. I don't get how anyone can like a black shoe. :p

I'm not a Cav fan though, so if it says "Cav" on the shoe, forget it. :lol: edit - oh i see it now, not too bad without vowels.

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by euan

Just imagine them as lace up versions
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by 54x11

Hopefully this is one step closer to an all white or mostly white release i.e black in place of the green would be great. Until then I'm staying with Sidi.

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by tinozee

haha those are Stan Smiths. Do these have width options?

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