SWorks Allez + Thomson Masterpiece = perfect alu harmony?!

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by greentimgreen

Hi - does anyone have experience cycling Thomson Masterpiece seatpost on a lightweight alu frame?

Something about the alu/alu partnership, both with black / polished chrome decals, appeals to me, and as a seatpost it is pretty light – circa 150g. With a light and stiff carbon rail saddle on top, am I going to get too much ‘buzz’ through the frame and regret the decision?

Any thoughts/ experience would be very helpful.
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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

One of the members on here had it in their signature perfectly

"Thomson make lovely stuff - that just so happen to belong on a mountain bike".

by Weenie

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by boysa

I have one on my CAAD10. No issues whatsoever, and I put in the km/mi.
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by TwiggyTN

Nah, you'll be fine. Tires and pressure you run in them will make the most difference. I'm about to hop on my Tommasini Fusion (Columbus Starship AL) with a setback Masterpiece and a Aliante R1 saddle. Rides like a dream, with a nice firm pedaling platform to work from. No concerns.

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by greentimgreen

thanks all. agreed that they play slightly more to the mountain bike crowd, but I really like their design. I'm on 25mm GP4000s's so at the right pressure sounds like it'll be a decent solution. I'll give it a go!
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by mythical

It's not a very forgiving combo. I own a Spooky Skeletor with Thomson Masterpiece Setback and the ride is the harshest of any bike I've ever ridden, yet I still experience few problems with this combo other than not liking to ride over any harsh bumps that get transmitted to the saddle. If you like comfort, then you should opt for a carbon or titanium seat mast.
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by marcelflash

This is 2 years ago.Still going strong. Love the Tomson (Elite).

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by spdntrxi

Hmm I just got a masterpiece to go with my allez.. It's a crit bike so only an hour anyways :)

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by Pottsy

I cant comment on the Thomson seat post Allez combo.
But on my SW Allez I have a Zipp SL speed with zero setback & it is a smooth ride.
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by dumptruk

Not on an Allez, but a Supersix. After about 4 rides of my taint being pulverized, I had to swap it out. To note, I ride my road bike for long distances, so if its just for crits, you should be alright. If anything, it's a constant reminder to hammer lol

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by greentimgreen

I found a pretty decent deal on a Thomson Masterpiece 27.2mm and X2 stem (and top cap!) so I've gone for that. Sounds like it won't be too harsher ride on my Allez SWorks, but will report back. The plan is to do some reasonably long rides on it (circa 100mi) so I'll soon find out and report back!

Thanks all.
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by yongkun

I had the zero set back seatpost, I will say unforgiving

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by duvivr6

I had a that same setup on my Lynskey since I was trying to go for all out American. Thomson Masterpiece seatpost and X2 stem, and I really wanted to like them. They gave me enough issues to where I had to pull them off last week....

Seatpost would not hold on the frame, I tried everything and other than extra torque nothing worked(carbon paste included) I even bought a double clamp that held the post and frame which solved the issue but not really the best.

Stem would not hold my Deda Zero 100 bar unless I torqued the bolts all the way, like as far as I could tighten it with an allen key.

Good luck with your build. The part are certainly nicely made and look sweet.

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by DMF

Thomson + Ti-frames = slippage is a well documented issue... For me I found the only thing that finally worked was flawlessly clean and dry surfaces (isopropyl alcohol or similar). I reckon its the serrated surface of the post that plays a big role, together with Ti being very hard to the point where the serrated Thomson post doesn't dig in to the material. But that's just a guess... Anyhow, one more for the crowd of Thomson being a MTB post due to being the harshest piece of rod you can stick up your bum.

And as for function. Thomson WAS the best 15+ years ago back when most other posts were pretty much crap as for cradle design.

by Weenie

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by Rick

I'm riding a Ritchey Carbon one-bolt right now, in my quest for lightness; but I rode a Masterpiece setback for a long time and have nothing but good things to say about it.
With Ti bolts and cut to min length it was only 160 gms. The cradle system is about the most foolproof available, and I never really noticed excessive harshness.
Of course that was on a carbon frame and with a carbon-railed saddle.

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