Homemade bottom bracket cup press

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by robhall2003

Hi all,

I don't mind paying good money for nice gear but I kinda think its a bit wasteful to pay for expensive tools I may only use once when building a new bike.

With that in mind I'm going to build my own bearing cup press for installing a set of Campag press-fit cups 86.5 x 41. I've purchased a pair of Cyclus press rings for Ultra Torque. These are used in conjunction with a Cyclus press. With these I know the cups will press in square. I'll be making th actual spindle press setup.

I just wondered if any of you have examples of this kind of thing, or any other tools you may have made to avoid paying a lot for one off use tools.

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by Zigmeister

I still use my BB30 generic one for around $20 I bought off the bay a few years ago to press my PF86. I just turn the cup around because the diameter is obviously too big for GXP, and use the flat part, just be real careful to press one cup at a time, not both simultaneously.

Works like charm.

I also did basically the same thing for wheel bearings as well, just a bolt, some washers/nuts, used some bearings drift press that do fit into the holes properly...just a wrench on both side and slowly work them in.

If I was a pro mech, yeah, I would buy a $200+ bearing press/drift set for bearings to do this...same for BBs, but since I do it maybe once/twice a year, not worth it.

I did buy proper drift sizes for removing bearings though for wheels/BB. Then use sockets/extensions for hammering the other side, works fine. They are relatively cheap, you likely only need like 4 of those for all of your bearings for under $60. Basically I've got like $80 in parts for all the bearings I need to handle.

This is a shot of the entire set I use for everything. Like I said, not shown is the socket/ratchet extension I use to pound out the drift with a rubber mallet.


by Weenie

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by RussellS

I made a press similar to zigmeister for pressing in headset cups. 1 inch or so threaded rod and several big washers and nuts for the rod. Only used it once or twice in several years. Don't buy many new unbuilt frames. Or new frames come with press in bearings that fit into cups already built into the frame.

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by Valbrona

If you got the bushings from Bike24 you will note that the only 'spindle' they do is the Cyclus one that fits to a Cyclus Snap-On handle. Cyclus do make a more basic spindle device ... but they still ain't cheap.

If you are making your own spindle I would try and get a threaded rod that fits as snuggly as possible in the hole in the bushings. Buttress threads make for less turning, but not a problem if this is a tool that will see little in the way of usage.

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by robhall2003

Thanks for the replies and pics.

I went down to the local hardware store and 10bucks later.....

by Weenie

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by audiphile

This is perfect. Need this for a new bike build and appreciate the pics!

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