Is this how the carbon frame starts to fail?

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by ViR2

I've been cleaning my Principia Revolution C40T bike recently and have noticed this:

Lacquer seems to be a bit rough on that places. This might have happened over a long time as i haven't actually looked that close to it before the reason i was looking at that spot was that my BB has developed a sound when standing and climbing hard :) Can someone with experience please comment on this? Should i get worried or this is just the affect of the sun on this? And yes, bike is 2005 model and I'm kind a "bike for life" guy so it has seen a lot of beating yet all those line in the picture are only scratches from A LOT of years of cleaning :) Any help would be much appreciated :)

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by eric

Discolored clear coat is fine.

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by ViR2

Thank you! Got me worried :)

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by spud

highly unlikely that you need to worry about failure at the top of the seat stays - it's not a high stress region of the bike.

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by durianrider

My S-Works epic looks like this and the Specialized rep said 'no worries mate, just the lay up cosmetics..'.
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