Deep rim valve extensions

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by robhall2003

Hi All,

I use Tufo tubulars on 50mm carbon rims. This requires the use of valve extensions. The threaded part of the extension which screws into the valve body is very narrow internally.

The problem is that when I have had to use tyre sealant to repair a flat it is almost impossible to squeeze it into the tyre because of this narrowing where the extension screws in.

I cannot unscrew the extension to squeeze in the sealant directly into the valve body because it is well below the valve hole on the rim.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? Has anyone come up with a solution?



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by sijray21

either get tubes with removable cores, use the extensions, then use the cores at the end or simply get tubes with valve stems longer than your carbon rim. 50mm is not too large for this as I use 58mm rims and use 80mm valve stems (bontrager since that's what I can get through my LBS).

here's a link on how to properly use valve extenders with tubes that have removable cores: ... _3007.html

also here are examples of some tubes that have removable cores and tubes that have valve stems that are longer in length: ... bes_en.pdf

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by Valbrona

robhall2003 wrote: Has anyone come up with a solution?

Looks like you will have to do your repair with the tubular fitted to a shallow rim.

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by Zakalwe

Get a narrower sealant syringe.

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