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Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by bruno2000

I have been weighing some wheels as I work in bikecompany.
In general we can say you can add around 40-50gr on the weight given bij the manufacturer.
(all wheelsequally measured without rimtape and qr)

-LW Meilenstein clincher20/20: 1200gr - 1260gr
-CA Hyperon Ultra2 cl :1345gr -1340gr
-Corima Winium+ cl : 1400gr - 1450gr
-Corima Viva S cl : 1500gr

I'm looking for a cool ultra-light rigid set of wheels.
I have a set of Mavic R-Sys SLR 2014.
I'm considering a set of Meilenstein CL or Hyperon CL. I don't know which one looks best

Meilenstein is the lightest, Hyperon is cheaper and more allround, R-Sys is as light as Hyperon and has the best braking but less Aero.
(Btw I'm riding Shimano Dura-Ace 11spd on my both bikes)

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by LionelB

If weight is one of your priority stop looking at clinchers :?

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by xena

LionelB wrote:If weight is one of your priority stop looking at clinchers :?

I have some pretty light clinchers, well under 1200 grms. My next set should be around 1150grms. Not to bad and you don't have to carry that tube with you. The set I am using now I will change the spokes to the super spokes and they will be around 1130grms.

Donald who rides the Ruegamer has clinchers around 700grms. Fred Johnson rims.

It can be done but tubs are usually lighter, agreed. :beerchug:
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