Which PF 30 bottom bracket

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by Teletori

Does the Chris King PF30 sleeve give enough room for Di2 wires?

Going to put a bottom bracket like this om my FF, and is a bit hesitant about having cables rubbing on axle.

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by TheDarkInstall

I would have thought that any sleeve which is of a smaller diametre than the cups of the BB will give enough room for the cables...

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by 11.4

I have two frames, both with King PF30 bottom brackets, and both fit the wires no problem. I'm not sure what the issue is. There's quite a bit of room between the diameter of the shell and the diameter of the bottom bracket sleeve.

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by Teletori


Looking at pictures, it does not look like there is room, but good to have confirmed it will fit.


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by allenpg

Plenty of room on the Evo Di2 with the CK BB

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by topflightpro

Slightly off topic, but I just ordered a Wheels Manufacturing BB86/92 bottom bracket, so it is similar in design to the PF30 but just a different size. I went with the Angular Contact bearings as the ceramics were out of stock.

I have not yet installed it as my new frame has not yet arrived, but the quality seems pretty good. Have not had a chance to weigh it either. I went with the Wheels Manufacturing because the angular contact bearings are supposed to be better than the basic Sram steel bearings. And the Sram ceramic is ridiculously priced.

I also like that I can replace just the bearings in the future, which is like $22 for angular contact, and a bit more for ceramic.

(As a side note, I got it really cheap from a buddy and he did not have access to CK parts through his distributor.)

I'll post an update in a few weeks to let you know how it's working.

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