New Garmin Edge 1000

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by superdx

Got my unit last night, skipped out on the performance package as I already have more cadence/HRM sensors than I can possibly equip or wear.

After 2 hours downloading the firmware update, some quick impressions:

- Damn this thing is big. The out-front mount included actually puts the unit above the stem, which is good otherwise it would stick really far out ahead of the handle bars

- The screen is beautiful! Coming from a 510, it's a pretty massive difference. Still only shows a max of 10 fields but everything is instantly readable now.

- The screen could have been bigger, the edges of the device are pretty big. I think Garmin should have gone with an OLED, also helps to conserve battery life

- Am concerned about the battery life, we do rides sometimes that go > 12 hours and this unit is barely specced for that. Will have to see if Sleeping the device can help conserve power between breaks.

Can't wait to get out tonight and give it a ride.

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by goodboyr

Make sure you update to the latest firmware 2.4. Just came out yesterday, lots of fixes and now text message and missed call alerts work for Android phones.

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by uraqt

I think Garmin, is going to loose some sales that PC8 screen is sweet. If I wasn't a watch guy I would pay the extra for that screen over the Garmin..

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by Hbrown

I really like the new update. The summary page at the end of the ride was a nice touch.

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by elSid

Anyone else having problems with cumulative climbing on their 1000? Height climbed is consistently 10-15% below values from ridewithgps, mapmyride, strava, and friends' cyclocomputers.

It's really obvious when delta from starting and ending elevations for a climb is not reflected in the height climbed box. For example, today, I rode a 14 mile climb with a steady gradient. Elevation at the top is 3500ft higher than beginning, yet Garmin says I have only climbed 2800ft.

This issue existed before and now after the recent firmware update.

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by 2old4this

My 1000 also measures less climb than 810 did. On a ~30 mile ride, 810 used to measure 4200 ft climb. 1000 says only 3800 ft.

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by cmqm

i update the last firmware but i don't receive notification for sms or phone

do you have the problem?

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by njee20

Have you done both stages of the Bluetooth pairing with your phone? It's the second "Smart" pairing that gives you the SMS updates.

I got mine to connect when I first had it, but not since, won't pair with the Bluetooth Smart at all. Bit weird, but not the end of the world.

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by poppiholla

I get the sms text messages without problems on my Garmin 1000. The pairing with the Iphone 4s worked. If it don't work remove all the bluetooth garmin stuff in the list on your phone and remove the phone on your garmin. Then try all over again.

I have a strange problem with the date. Every sms text message that I get on my Garmin has a wrong date. Today I got a sms and the date was 17 november 2000. The time was correct. I had a satellite fix when I got the sms. Anybody knows the problem?

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by spdntrxi

The new update is good... segments are loading now and I'm getting text messages... those are the 2 things that were spotty before the latest firmware.

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by spdntrxi

The one thing I have not figured out (granted I have not tried hard) but is there a way to show the route elevation and show a little bit of what is in front of you ? Seems to me it shows where you currently are .. I wanna know what coming on new routes.

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by bman11

I've had mine for about 3 weeks, and I have not experienced ANY of the glitches that others have. I just downloaded the 2.4 update, hopefully it doesn't throw anything off. I will post any noted changes in performance. By the way, this thing is amazing...
Just dig in and climb it!!!

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by coppercook62

Cant get mine to bluetooth pair with phone didnt have problems until today.

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by coppercook62

reset everything working now

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