New Garmin Edge 1000

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by kencore

Butcher wrote:I do not think it will shift your bike[yet]. It does show the location of the gears. Campy did it awhile ago on there ErgoBrain. If you think it is not worth it, you have never ridden a tandem. If was great having to look down and see where you were at.

Yeah your right I never have ridden tandem, unless riding a friend on the handlebars or the foot pegs of a BMX bike counts lol. But I'm assuming that your partner on the tandem bike will speak the same language as you and could possibly relay that vital information to you. Anyways you know how this tech stuff goes, someone is going to right a program and add a switch where the shifting mechanism will work off your power meter to keep you at the precise cadence and power output to meet your specific training goals and record them for future analysis.

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by benhama

The Garmin Edge 1000 looks like a good effort at upgrading from the 800 / 810, but I'll still be sticking with my 800. It does all I want on a bike.

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by coppercook62

agree tempted but I don't see the need to upgrade from 800.

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by Jamiemcp

I think I'm going to go the other way when i relpace my 800 and get a 510 or what ever the model is at the time

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by Lewis

I like that it's thinner but it's just too long. It's as big as an iPhone nearly. Needs to be the size of the 510 max.

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by tomyboy2

Gotta have it, one way or another..... 800 is going on sale in may. :noidea:

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by eigner

Garmin.. wtf?? You can purchase a top of the line iPhone or Galaxy for that price! And with the right apps you get the functionality and more in the phone..
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by carbon2329

If they made something the size of the 500 or 510 that had the connectivity as this I would be all over it. I just don't need anything bigger.

Sure if someone needs maps great, but if I get lost I can use my phone to figure out where to go, them put it back in my pocket. But that's just me.

The call or text thing might be nice, but only on something the size of the 500 or 510 (and I would prefer the 500 size)

I'm sticking with my 500.

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by Getter

The thing with the mobile phone is...once you are out of the coverage's useless as a GPS.

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by jas

In need of a new unit I spent the day comparing most popular models on the market (Garmin/Wahoo/Cateye/Bryton etc etc) trying to find something suitable, but the options are quite disappointing. Having read through the posts here and on other forums, Garmin clearly have a lot of followers, but the Edge 1000 (and indeed the brand) seems to be leaving many users nonplussed.

We’re used to getting excited about our purchases but this one I’m buying out of necessity. Settled on the Edge 510 but feel almost resentful handing my money over to them. It could and should be so much better.

Must be so much room for new competitors in this marketplace…

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by maxxevv

Getter wrote:The thing with the mobile phone is...once you are out of the coverage's useless as a GPS.

Nope, if you know how to cache Google Maps, its still perfectly functional offline, as in it will still show you your specific location on the map. Albeit, you'll need to rely on your own map reading skills to navigate to your desired destination and not to expect a 'turn-by-turn'assist.

This offline map function is actually usable for Google's own 'My Tracks' software for biking/hiking/driving. I have actually used it to record data for a full 9+hour, 220km day ride offline. And I still had 15% battery left at the end of the day on my Galaxy S4. :beerchug:

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by Getter

Good to know that! Will you lose the map once you leave the screen? As in switching apps?

I was riding in my MTB in the Red Rock area in Vegas and ended up getting lost. I had no cell reception and it was getting dark fast. Good thing I met a local that pointed me in the right direction.

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by maxxevv

Nope, the map stays in memory as long as you do not switch off the phone or deliberately ending the Google Maps program in applications manager.

Its just a simple "ÓK Maps" key entry on the maps search line once your screen shows the area where you want to cache. But there tutorials available online as to how its done in greater detail. I survived 2+ weeks commuting and travelling around the SF Bay area without any roaming data just using it too last September.

Just don't be too greedy in the caching size. The larger the area, the lower the resolution available. So make sure/ check that you have the desired resolution after caching by switching off all data links and try it out first before heading out. Very useful if you just require basic GPS location pinpointing. :)

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by Getter


I'll try it out. :beerchug:

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