DIY drain hole in CAAD10?

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by hmai18

I don't have the luxury of having a dedicated winter bike, so my CAAD10 is my year-round whip. It wasn't a problem when I was on the East coast since it usually got too cold to comfortably ride by mid November anyway, but now that I'm in the Pacific Northwest, I found myself riding through all sorts of weather.

Has anybody with a CAAD10 (or any other aluminum frame for that matter) drilled a drain hole in their BB shell to prevent water accumulation?

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by deek

I've seen people drill out the plastic cable guide under the BB and glue it to the frame. This turns the hole in the BB that's normally there to hold the guide into a drain hole.

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by WMW

I do it with every frame, any material... never a problem.
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by Stats

I just stopped riding in the rain... ;)

Doesn't it already have a drain hole? My Giant and Pinarello both had one.

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by veloflyte

It is perfectly acceptable to drill a hole in your BB shell. It will not cause any problems with the frames integrity at all. Just make it a small hole... .125" should be fine.

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by jbf

I drilled one into my CAAD9. Do it.

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by ToffieBoi

What about warrant.
Bicycle brands are really troublesome about giving warranty.

Can we be sure that, they will not change my cracked fork because of the drilled hole under BB.

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