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by chiltonp

Have not seen much regarding the SL on the forum and I am looking for real world experience. Anyone own or ride one and care to give it a quick review?

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by Geoff

I have one from my friends at Lotto-Belisol. Very nice ride. The Team runs Campagnolo EPS and SRM. As an aside, EPS is really great and the Campagnolo version of the SRM PowerMeter is one of the best that I have used. With the crankarms manufactured by Campagnolo specially for SRM, it looks exactly like a factory part. Highly recommended.

The frame is stiff as hell, but not especially light. It would not surprise me at all to find that it is not 'stock', but includes additional carbon in the layup schedule, but I have not specifically asked the question. The majority of the race bikes I have from the Teams use special carbon layups. Aside from the layup, the downtube and bottom bracket area are massive, as seems to be the trend. The heatube is equally massive. The design of the frame incorporates a tapered headtube, which is done really nicely. That sure increases the stiffness, too.

From the perspective of the geometry, I find the headtube a bit on the long side, but it is not so long that the bike is unrideable. I like the balance of the frame dimensions, though.

Overall, the frame is a great example of the current generation of monocoque carbon framesets now in use in the World Tour. With the caveat that my frame is likely different than the stock frame, I would have no qualms about recommending it.

by Weenie

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by Wheelhead

I recently started riding my Helium SL with Sram Red etc. It climbs and descends well and is quick up to speed. Overall I'm very pleased. However I've had problems with a slipping seat post. I've tried two different: carbon pastes, two aluminum seat posts and two clamps. Still the post slipped. Then I saw pictures of the Lotto Team Helium's all were built using double seat post clamps. One clamp on the frame and one on the seat post. I finally found a 27.2 diameter clamp to go onto my seat post and that's solved the problem. Anyone else experience this?

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by Tamu8104

I have two teammates who ride Helium SLs. Both of their first comment was about how stiff and responsive it was. Neither has complained about it being harsh or abusive, even on tough roads. It's reasonably light but not exceptionally so. As with most Ridleys, it handles really well.
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by Foxtrot

Bare frame : 940 grams.

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

RIDE Magazine reviewed one in the latest issue. You can get it via Zinio or grab a hard copy to read.

What they weighed the review frame at:

- bare frame (not fittings): 763g in a medium
- fork: 309g
- headset: 83g

Total weight, with Super Record (Ti axle) and Racing Zero wheels was 6295g

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Mario Jr.
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by Mario Jr.

Yes, I don't understand the claim that they are not very light. I have weighed a Small myself, and it was 782g with gear hanger. And the fork just above 300g uncut.
I can't wait to have my own XS ready in a week or two.

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by Denavelo

Are people confusing the models? I've seen claims of 790g for a Large frame.
I've been looking at getting one of these mountain rockets myself.
Two of my riding buddies recently purchased the Ridley Helium with ISP. They both say they've never ridden anything that surges forward like the Helium.
I like the 2013 graphics, which are more subtle than the yellow graphics of last years model.
I'm on the fence between SL4 Sworks/Helium SL/BMC SLR01. something carbon to go along with my Steel road bike.
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by tinozee

I think they are thinking of the older model not the Helium SL. I ride both Tarmac SL3 and SL4 and I also would consider this Helium SL to be similar, though I only rode it twice. The helium has a nice tall/short geo, which is great for tall guys like me. I actually like the SL3 better than the SL4 for this reason. Another similar frame and geo to check out is the new Scott Addict.

I am on a similar mission to yours, but in reverse - keeping the carbon road frames, but adding a traditional steel frame (master x-light) for comfort and distance.

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by chiltonp

good feedback, please keep it coming. I think you guys are right, some are confusing the old ISP helium.

I'm considering the Helium SL as well as a SuperSix EVO, Tarmac SL4 and BMC SLR01.

by Weenie

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