Campagnolo Shamal Ultra Clinchers - Problem

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by smootherider100

Hi there, I'm building a Colnago c59 at the moment, full Campag Record Groupset (Chorus chain and cassette for a bit of longevity) and a set of Shamal Ultra clinchers. I got the wheels today and I am quite underwhelmed with the spin on the rear wheel, it spins very poorly indeed with a halting 'stop start' motion as if the freewheel body as actively interfering with the spin (a bit like those game show 'wheel of fortune' things that the cheesey gameshow hosts spin with the 'clickety clack' sound - and when the wheel is stopped at 12 o'clock you get the corresponding prize, if you know what I mean).

I released the lock nuts and loosened the hex nut with a small allen key but it makes no difference. In comparison, my Fulcrum racing 1's on my Colnago Clx spin for ever, if you give them even the lightest tap forward they just keep on going on and on (and then when they stop they start spinning backwards for another full rotation).

So, the rear Shamal is terrible (and the front wheel is also not spinning as free as the Fulcrum 1) and I am wondering whether I have been sent a set of reject wheels / hubs or is there something I'm missing here.

I would be most obliged for any helpful comments or insights.


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by 5 8 5

After loosening the hex nut and bolt give the axle a small tap with a rubber mallet to loosen the preload. Then tighten the nut and hex so there's a tiny bit of play that is taken up when the skewers are clamped down.

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by Miller

There is no problem, it's just snug new bearings, nothing you could notice while cycling. Shamals are great wheels even if some on here think they are over-stiff.

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by Causidicus

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by r_mutt

interesting. my Shamal Ultras don't quite have the "spin forever" feeling that my 5 year old Zondas have. at first i thought it was down to breaking on the bearing, but it's been over 1000 miles and nothing has changed.

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by smootherider100

Thank you all for your input and comments.

I spoke with a local wheel builder yesterday and he was of the firm view that as the wheels are new they will require a few hundred kms to loosen up compacted grease in the hub.

(I am not so sure as the freewheel body seems very 'ratchety' and stiff when you try to move it backwards manually. However, I will defer to this superior source of mechanical wisdom and know how, for now.)

I shelled out for these wheels on the basis that you might reasonably anticipate that "spin forever" hub and IMO that is what you should have an any decent and well maintained road bike. End of story. No exceptions need apply.

I will re-visit this issue after a week or so, after the first few hundred kms and see whether the hypothesis put forward by the wheel builder has proven accurate.

Will post an update in due course. (Others might please feel free to post any additional comments that might be helpful in the interval.)


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by apb27

Take the advice from 5 8 5. After you have opened the small allen bolt, you need to tap the end of the axle so the cone can move, Its usually tight. Just opening the small screw on its own will not loosen the hub.
Most Campag hubs come adjusted too tight from the factory so its very unlikely there is anything wrong with yours.

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