08 Giant TCR Advanced Team ISP - Mount traditional seatpost?

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by locktopus

I'm looking at an 08 Giant TCR frame set with the ISP. The ISP is about 7cm too short.

Is it possible to cut this down and use a traditional seat post?

I know the top of the seat post has an aero-like profile, but it appears that it makes a transition to a non-aero profile near the top tube. I can't get access to the frame to investigate, so I thought I'd ask the WW community.

The geometry chart shows that the frame was offered in a non-ISP variation but I don't know if the tube profiles were different.

Here's a picture of a similar frames.

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by Stoo

I very much doubt it bud :(
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by ms6073

Got to say that if the person selling the frame was properly fit and the seat mast is ~7cm too short for the OP, then that does not sound like the correct size frame as I doubt the fork steerer is going to be tall enough either.
locktopus wrote:Is it possible to cut this down and use a traditional seat post?
Wife and I had a couple of the first examples of that frameset and I can definitely say the answer is no, unless by cutting it down, you mean sending it off to Calfee or similar carbon repair service to have the mast modified ($$$). Take a close look at the image of the frameset and you will see that the shape of the seat mast at the point were it extends above the top tube is somewhat aero - well an elongated oval shape and not round.
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by locktopus

Thanks for your comments! Once I saw that second picture, I had that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.

@ms6073: I think I made an error in my first post. My BB to Saddle rails is ~ 77 cm. The ISP is cut off at 70 cm. Unless I can find a seat mast that has 7cm from min insertion point to saddle rails… I think I'm out of luck.

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by lannes

You can get someone like Calfee to do a seat mast extension, not sure of the cost

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by sharkman

Value of a 2008 TCR isp won't be much more that 350-400 Euro max (if in good condition) so I guess the carbon work would cost more than that (and you'll end up with a frame that can be picked up for less with non ISP.

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by Stats

First of all, thanks for posting a picture of my bike :-D

Secondly, on my non-ISP frame, if you take off the seat clamp the top is sort of lipped (thinner where the clamp goes over the top and is unpainted) with a small split in the rear. Unless the ISP frame remains perfectly round and only turns aero above that point then you won't be able to do it unfortunately...

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by latman

i think the other problem may be the rough inner skin from the internal bladder moulding as well as the "unfilled gap" to the top tube and seat stays , If you had the skills you may be able to cut the mast off flush then glue a carbon tube inside the seat post with an ID that matches the OD of a seatpost , and cut a slot at the top for a seat clamp . i would just put it into the too hard basket personally.

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