Fake Arundel Mandibles

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by ukracer

Hello Gents,

Picked up another pair of these recently and see that they are available cheaper than usual.

Is there any tell tale signs for fake items?

Is the Arundel label embossed on all items or painted?

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by kode54

its possible that they are the OEM for this design...as Parlee used to carry them on their website....http://www.parleecycles.com/store/

i have a set, and the Arundel logo is stamped or molded into the cage itself on the top inside.
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by fifarafa

I bought Mandible's on eBay, but in my opinion these are the fakes. I've original cages so it's easy to finf it - different shapes, different quality...

"Cages was removed from a display bike" - this is seller's statement. He sold about 400 cages without any marks of use.

I wrote to Arundel and I received this answer:

Thanks for taking the time to write to us. There has been quite an upswing of counterfeit Arundel cages lately, mostly Mandibles. We are trying to combat this but it’s so far been difficult. You are welcome to email me pictures but some of the copies are quite good and it’s hard to tell in these cases.

Here is a brief to help you discern your purchase.

1. If the price is a wonderful bargain, let’s say half price, this is not normal. Why would anyone with a business lose money so you can score a deal?
2. If our cage does not come on the header card or include the stainless button head screws, or they claim it was “on a demo bike” yet it looks untouched, this is a red flag.
3. If the seller’s other items for sale are also deeply discounted – yet current desirable things, you must ask how this is possible?
4. If they claim it’s a “factory second” walk away. We don’t sell seconds.
5. If they are shipping from China, Hong Kong or anywhere else in Asia yet don’t charge much for shipping, how is this possible with genuine goods? Usually it’s not possible.
Best Regards,
Chris Watson

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