Sensa guilia

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by gazrichards ... cts_id=755

Does anyone have any experience of the frame above?
They are new to the uk market but the shop selling the, claims they are a well known brand in Europe and particularly holland.
Is the frame just an open mould thing I could get from hong fu for half as much?

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by TimmS

Here in the Netherlands Sensa is the cheapest brand.
Ridden by al the people that don't know a thing about their equipment and just buy it because it's cheap.

Don't know about the quality, but I would never ride this brand...

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by quattrings

What the f*ck kinda ignorant logic is that?
Is something better because it's more expensive?

I have never owned one so I'm just not gonna be able to help you, but if it's what you like test ride it and compare it to as many other bikes as possible.
Don't scrap it of the list simply because it's cheap. It might actually be a pretty good bike.

Someone recently commented on my racebike, that it looked like a cheap POS basicly. I just put the hammer down and dropped that guy.

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by Mackers

They specialize in value for money bikes.
Good quality, Maybe a little bit boring, but good enough for a talented amateur team.

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by gazrichards

I get what timms is saying. Kinda like Planet X in the uk I guess? You get what you pay for which is a perfectly reasonable but uninspiring frame built with good components.
Not quite what I am after at this time but they do seem like a very good but for the price. (In the uk the 11 speed di2 version is about £1000 cheaper than the next cheapest bike with same set up)

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by Butcher

More often than not, you get what you pay for.

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by Franklin

That does not seem to be true for bicycles. I love Colnago's for sure, but it's quite a stretch that they are 4 times better than a Rose or a Canyon. Same goes for groups. Ultegra or Dura Ace, Athena or Super Record, Force or Red, is that noticable?

In the case of Sensa: It's a legit brand with enough experience to be a safe choice. The bikes are okay, the brand is established and unless calamity happens won't close doors tomorrow leaving you in the lurch.

And of course its run of the mill China Carbon for that price, but that doesn't mean it's bad.

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by sharkman

There is nothing wrong with Sensa (apart for the fact that it's nothing for buyers that are on the search for a framebrand that enlarges their ego....)

I have a bit of experience with the Sensa brand (build two bikes with the Guilia frameset/ultegra/Fulcrum racing 3 for friends and they are really glad with these). and although not all the framesets are thet good, the guliia in fact is a great start for a well riding bike and can easily compete with the better framesets of the german discounters.

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