which brand of inner tube are you rocking?

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by addictR1

i'm looking to replace my inner tubes, which usually i use those cheap china ones, but they are heavy.

searched around for some lightweight inner tubes and found some thread that was back in 2011... which i'm sure technology has far advanced since then.

i plan on using these with my current setup: farsport 38mm clincher with michellin pro4 service course 23mm tires.

i found continential supersonics are highly recommended back then, not sure if it is still the same now.

much appreciated... thanks.

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by Zakalwe

I tried Conti Racelight for a while, they were a bit rubbish. I kept my last one as a lightweight spare which turned out to have a factory spec puncture, after a riding partner borrowed it in an emergency. I don't think I'd bother with Supersonics.

I like my latex ones but they're sewn in to the tubs I use, so for clinchers I'm sticking to Vittoria Ultralight. Not actually that light, but just about right.

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by rijndael

Michelin AirStop

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by FIJIGabe

I run tubeless tires, but I keep a spare Bontrager XXX butyl tube in case of flats. I recently purchased some Forte Extra Light tubes, but haven't had a reason to use them (thankfully)!
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by rg255

I've had bad experience with Specialized inner tubes, had three valves (the screw valve tip in the top of the presta valve bent/snapped out) never had this problem with Conti's (they're not the lightest around but they are seemingly reliable - had one on about 3 years without a single flat or fault). They are the only two manufacturers available to me locally although I did notice someone stocking Michelin the other day.
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by Butcher

Michelin Latex

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by spdntrxi

Conti Race Light... 1 flat in 6 months.. not too bad.

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by eric

Michein Airstop for the carbon race wheels.

For training, cheaper decent tubes- conti, specialized.

The Forte extra light tubes are light but will puncture if you look at them wrong.

I'm paranoid about latex tubes on carbon clinchers. If they didn't explode they'd be worth some watts in rolling resistance.

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by addictR1

wow... lots to choose from. i heard using latex with CF rims like the farsport may generate too much heat going downhill.. is that about right?

maybe give Michelin airstop a try.. what's the weight on those?

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by efeballi

Decathlon tubes. $2 apiece. I bought 8 of'em last year and just recently ran out, after giving away half of them to friends having punctures.
For races I used Conti tubes, but I'm not so sure about the next race.

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by dogg

i use butyl vittoria ultralight tubes, I've been amazed with their quality and durability.

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by NiFTY

I use Conti supersonic tubes, been using them for ages. I have had one with a dodgy valve. I use them with conti gp4000s. I have never had a puncture in 3 years. They are light, they hold air, what more do you want.
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by Razor

Vittoria Latex/Conti 4000S

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by kulivontot

I think 90% of butyl tubes are probably made in the same East Asian factories. There are a handful of 0.45mm ultra light ones out there at ~50g.
Bontrager race xxx lite, conty supersonic and maxxis flyweight are the three I'm aware of. Performance used to sell forte lunar light ones for like $8 a pop, but they only have the 0.65mm ones now.
Of course there are a boat load of latex tubes too, but I've never bothered because losing 60psi overnight is obnoxious.

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