New bike - mixing Di2/Campa SR?

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by Frodebo

Time to build the new bike! And again Colnago ;-)

I would prefer Campagnolo as I think Colnago and Campagnolo is a perfect match, but now I'm not sure - just because I think Di2 is much better than the EPS.

My toughts now is: What if I mix it? Di2 with Campagnolo SR crank, brakes and cassette (Campagnolo wheels)? Will this be a good match? Bad or good?

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by LionelB

NO !

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by mattyNor

It'll function, won't be as smooth as going purely one or the other but it will shift. Unintended side effects might include but are not limited to a mass uprising of zombie Italian mechanics.....

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by Tinea Pedis

I've been on here a while and seen a lot of threads...

This one might take the cake.

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by mike

the only thing that i would mix is di2 drivetrain with a campy 11 speed wheel. i had the option of going Super Record EPS or Di2, and after evaluating all the benefits and ease of use and ability to customize, I went with Di2. you could put the di2 on the colnago and then use campy wheels.

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by dgran

That just seems odd and I can't come up with much of a good reason for doing it. Not to thread drift too much here, but why do people mix component groups? I understand if you have a part box with some stuff and you want to re-use what you already have, but I'm puzzled by new builds that have a mixture of components. Drive train components are tested together and it seems to me that your best outcome in terms of shifting smoothness and even wear comes from a consistently mated groupset. I can sort of understand replacing a crankset with something lightweight and exotic, but it seems to be at the expense of aesthetics. I could be an oddball, but I think a full DA or full Record groupset looks very nice together without after market replacement parts.

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by coloclimber

In contrast to existing comments, I think about that all the time on my Colnago. I miss Di2 but love the SR ti crankset bearings and q factor. Plus Campagnolo wheels with cult bearings are second to none.
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by AndreLM

To the OP, I frankly don't think it would "look right", and it seems your goal would be to have a Campy "look", especially with the crank set.

As for using Campy wheels on a Shimano bike, that would be all right (even though I changed my wheel set decision to avoid exactly this mix & match).

@dgran: another possible reason to mix components is weight or even reliability (like using a SRAM cassette in place of CS9000, which is having some failures reported, including here in WW).

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