Oakley Jawbone (Racing Jacket) and Giro Aeon/Bell Gage

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by toshi

For those of you with Giro Aeon or Bell Gage, and Oakley Jawbone/Racing Jacket: do the glasses stay securely in the helmet when you store them there? These fall out of Giro Atmos and I'd like to see if Aeon is any tighter. Thanks!

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by Horacio

I have the jawbone and the Aeon. The glasses seemed to fit better upside down on the Atmos than the Aeon. It's def do-able on the Aeon, but you don't want to swing your head to any one side very quickly. I've never had my jawbones fall off from my Aeon though.

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by thp

I have Radarlocks with the Gage, works well upside down. They move a little when you shake the helmet but never enough to fall out. I added some rubber sticky tape in that area and now doesn't budge a bit.

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by v0coder

Jawbones fit in Gage upside down. They slide forward a little bit, but they never fall out.

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