Lightest handlebars?

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by jmazzabufi

next item to replace is the stock handlebars on my Cannondale Super Six. what are the best / lightest bars? about how many grams in weight savings?

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Frankie - B
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by Frankie - B

well, you can have a look here: ... l-rounder/

and here:

that will get you into the lightest bar realm pretty quickly!
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by Weenie

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by drainyoo

The lighest bars at a sane price are the Zipp SL Short & Shallow. They come in at 173g for 40cm. If money is no object then you can go with the AX Lightness, Mcfk or Schmolke bars.
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by jason9020

Drainyoo is pretty much nailing it. I have Zipp SLs on my bike. They are very light, and very good bars for the price.

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by jmazzabufi

Thanks - the SL, that's not the carbon? they look to be about $110?

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by Knoxxy

My Lightweight Rennbugel bars came in at 167g for 42cm width.
And they are sweet, but not the cheapest.

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by drainyoo

jmazzabufi wrote:Thanks - the SL, that's not the carbon? they look to be about $110?

They are carbon, and you can find them for around $230 if you look hard enough on the Bay. It's the top of the line Zipp bar. Make sure it's the short & shallow version. The traditional version is a little heavier.

I cut the ends off mine and the weight dropped to 168g.

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by bura

3T Ergosum Ltd will challenge Zipp SL in weight and price.
I have the 44cm version which weighed 178gr.
Around 250 bucks on eBay.
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by Bogan

As well a lot of the very expensive light bars such as Schmolke, AX Lightness have suggested rider weight limits. If your 100 kilo like moi. It limits the range somewhat.
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by lechat

Another vote for 3t LTD. My 44cm Ergosums came in at 182gms. $110 on eBay, but I got lucky.

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by doozer

not a great deal of use as I've lost the mass numbers but my 3T rotundo LTD from years ago was around the 190g mark give or take a 44cm width.
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by andy2


Haero Carbon 158g STIFF €375

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by vlastrada

My Schmolke TLO in 42 cm came in at 149g (31.8 version)

They are pretty stiff for my weight (61-62kg) and the shape is good (not-ergo and fairly compact but not overly so)

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by mythical

A Schmolke TLO OS (Ø31.8mm) I've used weighed 139 grams in 440mm.
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by darnellrm

You can find some great deals on the Bontrager XXX carbon bars that typically weigh 170-180g. I've bought a couple of them for less than $100.


by Weenie

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