Scott foil headset assembly

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by richiegwy

Got my foil yesterday, delighted but need a little help.
As this is my first build does anyone have a step by step guide for installing the headset and fork (what is the order of bearings etc, what is greased, what way do the tapers go on bearings etc)?
I notice there is no crown race for the base of the steerer tube, the bearing just sits on this. Is this correct?

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by dha

Hi, had similar questions when I built mine.

Here is the picture from a manual I sourced from Scott


And you are correct about there being no crown race.

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by richiegwy

I dont think so. I have a component that looks like one but it doesnt seem to fit the whole way down. It an aluminium ring with a couple of ridges around it and a apered end. There is a vertical slot cut into it. Maybe this is the race and I just need to force it down a little more.

Thanks for the picture, would you happen to have a copy of the manual in PDF?

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by goodboyr

That ring goes on top of the upper bearing, ridge down. Slot to the left or right, not in front or back. Its the compression ring that forces the upper bearing into alignment as you preload it.

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by richiegwy

I since spoke with a mechanic in Westbrook cyles where I bought it (superb service by the way) and they calrified the crown race is built into the fork so I think I am good to go. Thanks for the help.

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by Mr_Carlos

I know this is an old thread, but can anyone confirm whether the upper bearing sits directly into the frame onto the carbon? Or is there some insert that the bearing sits in?

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by eric01

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