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by Zak


I would like to paint a helmet, but I of course don't want to do it, if the strength of the helmet is compromised. Are there types of paint I can be sure will not affect the safety of the helmet?


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by tri

Magic markers or decal(s) tape.

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by Marin

The impact resistance is in the Styrofoam. If you paint the hard shell only, the strength will not be compromised.

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by runner999

I've contemplated the same. All my helmets are Styrofoam core with a Lexan shell overlay. The Lexan shell is what’s painted on mine and it appears to be painted from the underside of the clear shell and glued onto the foam helmet base afterwards. It would be a great opportunity for mfg’s to offer the helmets with the clear Lexan shell separated from the foam core to allow for some custom painting. The paints used for the Lexan body shells of model radio controlled vehicles is flat colored though. But the helmet mfg’s may have liability concerns and of course their name logo could be omitted for the custom paint job.. :evil:

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by mile2424

Painting is definitely possible and will not hurt the helmet if the shell is painted properly. Many pro's have custom painted helmets.

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