New bike dilemma - Steel/Electronic vs Ti/Mechanical

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by ChiZ01

i noticed considerable amount of frame flex in my steel bike with super stiff DA crankset compared to caad10 with so so sram force crankset

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by AndreLM

Since you are going custom, my suggestion is anTi with mechanical Chorus now, but with an electronic / mechanical frame.

Nothing guarantees that future EPS/hydraulic shifters will be compatible with current EPS derailleurs.

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by btompkins0112

I would go Steel/Electronic.....I just found out about a big pay raise coming my way at work soon so I have started planning my order with Breadwinner for a B-Road. The plan is to do a build with Shimano 6870 with hydraulic disc brakes.

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by Jagcolo

I vote steel with campagnolo electronic. If you take care of your steel frame, it will last a life time.

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by thatdkid

Yes, my everyday bike is a custom steel. But lately I would not mind having a custom TI w/ Di2 and hydro disk brake gravel grinder. Keep the chain clean and the battery charged and you would be good to go!

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by BRM

Is it possible to tell something more of what you want to do with the bike in general? You want to have a more comfort model? Commuting, gravel racer? Travelling? You want wider rims/tires too?

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by Gary71

If you have decided - let us know what you went with.
For me he answer lies in the the paint. I have both Ti and a quality steel bike. Ride wise - you cannot beat steal (IMHO ). But with my Ti I take it out in all weather - I don't care if I'm riding through a storm and there is sh!t all over the road flicking up onto the frame etc..... nothing hurts the Ti
But even Ti cannot give you the joy on the road like quality steal does.
If you go Ti - it most likely won't be painted and a steal wool pad will bring it back to new.
If you go steal - it most likely will be painted. Where are you going to ride it and will you be worried about scratching the paint work?
Answer that and you have your answer!

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by shimmeD

My ride is custom steel and I love it.
I don't mind getting a few scratches. In fact it'll be a good excuse to change the look eventually (years away!)
I've never owned ti and I'd like to keep the ride of titanium a myth; because I'm not prepared to shell out the premium for a custom ti.
Less is more.

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by solarider

Well, the answer is I went for both!

Started off with steel and mechanical. Really enjoyed the ride quality, but didn't get along with the weight penalty of steel, and having ridden electronic now for a few years, mechanical just didn't feel as nice.

So, ended up changing it to ti with electronic!

Answered my own question in the end!

Before and after below:



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by stanseven

Nice! I like the a Enve wheels and stem. You can probably tell from my name that I'm biased though

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