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by seanblurr

Just picked up a cheap magnetic trainer for pre-race warm ups and those days when you just can't make it outside. I'm looking at getting a wheel specifically for the trainer for as near free as possible. My only problem is I am running Campy SR11 and there really isn't a cheap cassette out there… Anyone know of a cheap 11spd cassette alternative that would work to spin on a trainer? I've just been browsing ebay for a used Chorus. I also need a wheel that will work with 11spd, perhaps I should have stayed with my old 10spd… hah.

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by ms6073

I would recommend a used Mavic Aksium wheelset as the rear wheel has been 11-speed compatible since Campy introduced 11-speed and the set can often be purchased for < $150 US on Ebay.
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by G60

According to Lennard Zinn, an 11sp Shimano/SRAM rear wheel/cassette would work as well, so that would definitely make your search a little easier/cheaper:

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