Sapim Super CX-Ray

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by MisterEd

Does anyone have any experience of using these spokes?

I'm thinking of Tune Mig/Mag hubs and Ambrosio Excellight rims.

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by MisterEd

or any experience of non cx ray, super spoke?

by Weenie

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by StradaJon

It is bonkers light but no heavy riders and no high spoke tensions in my opinion.
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by HillRPete

Jon, interesting, thought I read somewhere Sapim requires higher minimum tension for those, to get an adequately performing wheel? Unfortunately I don't have any numbers or reference at hand.

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by kavitator

For superspoke must be 140kg on DS - but it depends from hub geometry and lacing patteren

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by Zigmeister

Well, they are rated for about 165kgf based off their site and conversion to this number. 75-85% of that number isn't a bad place to start.

Mine are done up to about 136kpf avg right now. No issues so far.

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by jpanspac

I had Fairwheel build me a set of wheels using Pillar Mega Lite SS spokes and Enve 6.7 rims. No problems at all, but I'm a light rider.
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by Slagter

Several topwheelset come with sapim cx ray spokes including wheels with only 24/20 spokes or less. So no worries about strength...

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by madcow

We recently laced up a set of fat bike wheels using Tune Fat King/Kong and Lamere carbon rims with the CxSupers. Granted it's a high spoke count at 32 hole and with the fat hubs plenty of bracing angle, but the wheels have performed stellar so far. We've put several good rides on the bike and everyone has had nothing but good things to say about them. The bike leaves for Cyclingnews this week and they'll be reviewing the bike shortly.

I'm not as big of a fan of the round super, I much prefer the CxSuper since it's easier to work with.

The biggest drawback in my opinion is that the supers require a 15g nipple which means some of the more popular rims which require internal nipples are not super compatible.

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by bm0p700f

also the ambrosio rim is shallow and narrow so not stiff. In my view not the best rim to use such a light spoke with. Madcows build uses a much stiffer rim I think and that helps alot. Also the excellight is not going to like 1400N it is beyond it's tension limit. I think the high tension is because the spoke stretches so much and if 1200N is DS as is normal on an 11 speed hub the NDS spokes might go slack quite easily. So pick a hub with a high tension balance (higher than the tune hubs give) and you can you can drop the DS tension. Still a rim with a thick spoke nipple bed like the h plus archetype or some carbon rims would be ideal.

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by WMW

bm0p700f wrote:So pick a hub with a high tension balance (higher than the tune hubs give) and you can you can drop the DS tension.

I think that is the opposite of what you want.

The biggest issue with these super light spokes is a lack of lateral stiffness. You can easily get that back though with a higher NDS bracing angle. There shouldn't be an issue with NDS spokes going slack if normal DS tension is used.

Regarding the DS tension, I'd recommend just using regular CX-Rays there and set tension that is appropriate for the rim.
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by Weenie

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