Diameter of ilinks and nokon beads

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Frankie - B
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by Frankie - B

My current frame has its rear brake cable routed through the frame. This frame is a replacement for my late Isaac Proton. The company took great care of me by giving me a 2013/14 frame as a replacement. With the changing of the model year the routing through the TT has changed as well.
As a result my inner thigh is now rubbing the brake cable at every pedalstroke.
Needles to say this is quite annoying and i was thinking that i may cure the issue with nokons or ilinks. Both systems have been on my bike before, both have their weaknesses and strenghts. For looks, i like the nokons better.
Can those of you, who ride with one of the systems check the diameter of the brake cable with callipers, please?

Many thanks!

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by Krackor

It's not iLinks or Nokon, but I've got some of the Jagwire Links here. 5.02mm at the ends of a link segment, 4.36mm in the center of the concave contour. I recently installed the Jagwire shifter + brake system on the new Felt AR1 (internal brake routing to the chainstay-mounted rear brake).

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by hillrider

Alligater I-links,5.4mm at the widest part of the link,4.5mm at the narrowist part.

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by 5 8 5

Nokons measure 5.0mm.

A smaller dia option would be Aican Bungurus @ 4.0mm.

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