Jamis Icon vs other bikes for ~$3k

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by joepac

Hello ww

I am in the market for a light, new bike. Aluminum is drawing me in because it is light and cheaper than carbon in my price range (~$3-4k) and also because its got a reputation for durability. My goal is to get a light and stiff bike that isn't too harsh.

I have been intrigued by the Jamis Icon elite because it has an ultegra crank (yay stages) and I like the American Classics wheelset. The drawback is it comes with a price tag of $2800. I can't find much about the bike other than it one the editor's choice in Bicycling Magazine last year... Does anybody have any experience on the bike?

http://www.myjamis.com/SSP%20Applicatio ... grp=road_2

Other aluminum considerations are the Specialized allez race (I can get a hefty discount) or the venerable Caad10 3. Most people sing praises of the Caad10, but is it really better than the Allez E5? What is the stiffness and ride comfort like on both bikes compared to each other?

My other option would be to upgrade to a carbon tarmac expert or venue expert (again with a good discount). My biggest concern here is that I will be spending extra cash for a carbon frame that doesn't ride better than Aluminum and is less durable.

I am not willing to buy no name chinese because I'd like to support a LBS.

What sort of input and experience do you guys have?

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by Colin

Check out the new Giant TCR SLR 1, $2225 for a full Ultegra 6800 build is pretty hard to beat. The wheels are kind of heavy(although they're DT hubs, so good training wheels), but it would leave enough money in your budget for some nicer, lighter wheels. I recently switched from a CAAD 10 to the TCR SLR and have been very impressed. Noticeably smoother ride, no perceptible change in stiffness, and a geometry that just flat out fits me better. Mine built up to 15lbs 6oz with DA 7900.

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by bombertodd

Sometimes I think the reputation for aluminum's durability is wrong (or at least people's perception of carbon being brittle).


$3k is a good budget. Check out LBS around you. You can score a great deal on a full carbon ultegra/force last year model bike and still have money left over.

More carbon testing:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJmdb1Oe2h8 (Fairwheel Bikes - website sponsor)

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