BMC Granfondo gf01 2014 headset bearings

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by didziss

Hi guys.

Do you know what kind of headset bearings does bmc gf01 2014 uses? Could it be that bottom bearing sits right on the fork steerer tube, without any crown race.

Thanks for your time.

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by mr4fox

yep, sits directly on the carbon seat of the fork. I was unsure about this when i received my frame and discovered that the bottom bearing doesn't seem to seat properly on the fork corwn/seat. I called BMC Switzerland and they confirmed this is normal and helps the bearing to self centre. they said just smear some grease on both the carbon contact surfaces and set your preload as usual.

to change the topic slightly...are you running Di2? Do you know what internal cable lengths fit? (and frame size?)


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by Oswald

Do you guys know the bearing size in S.H.I.S. ?

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by Oswald

I did some measuring of the BMC GF01 2013 frame and think this is the correct size:
upper: 1.1/8" 45° x 45° , SHIS IS 42 / 28.6
lower: 1.5" ACB 36° x 45°, SHIS IS 52 / 40

Can anyone confirm this?

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