$1,000 to spend on a race frame <1,000g - suggestions?

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by badger4561

wrcompositi wrote:
badger4561 wrote:

I bought my UD frame from Miracle Trade, paid US$620 + 4.5% PayPal fee, shipping cost varies.

My scale showed 939~940 grams, on the other hand "Pina" scale or "Deda" scale would measure ~800 grams I suppose ? :mrgreen:

FM069 has a longer top tube and head tube than FM066.

Hehe good point on pina or deda. then again its not like the chinese guys do much different. Had a customer the last day trying to claim his s5 was 6.7kg when in fact it was 7.9kg. id love a set of these guys scales to be kind to my conscience and pocket :mrgreen:

That crowd mirace, they seem to be the same company as ican who i have a frame from and had plans on frame building with them on closed moulds. i scrapped the idea when i noticed the ACTUAL price it would cost. I wasnt happy with their bb threading either or their seatpost system which jammed (the one thats the same as on the likes of thompson force frames and possibly scapin) which was enough of an indication for me that it wasnt top quality standard to proceed mass producing bikes with. that said the frame was seriously stiff around the bb area, as in no flex so i reckon the bike was in fact the toray they claimed it was.
The guys even sent me christmas cards, tried making me feel guilty for not running with the idea :lol:

theres early stage clothing company plans in the works now instead which a quick feasibility test would tell me is well, feasible.

Thanks for the replies anyway, i reckon i'll run with one of the two hong fu's.
Replies to subject appreciated especially considering im only a newbie!

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by n808

I haven't made up my mind either which frame to choose either. I would prefer a longer head tube, and I see from the geometry charts that the 069 has longer head tube for all sizes except 58cm, which is the size I need. When looking at the HT numbers in the 069 chart, there is only a 10mm gap in HT length from 56 to 58cm sizes, while in between the other frame sizes a more appropriate 20mm gap. I wonder if the chart is correct for 58cm. It would seem 185mm and not 175mm as listed would fit better with the other sizes. I will have to ask them before I make my decision.
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