31.6 Road Seatpost with setback

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by boots2000

I need a 31.6mm diameter carbon road seatpost with setback.
What do you like?
What should a 31.6 post weigh? Under 200 grams?

by Weenie

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by Causidicus

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by Juanmoretime

Love my Mcfk. My 31.6 X 350mm was advertised at 119 grams and came in at 121 grams.

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by Tom-s

My Thomson Masterpiece with carbon cradle, ti bolts and POP yokes weights just 135g for 31.6/300 (cut to length).
A cheap option for a lightweight setback seatpost.

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by kramnnim

Ritchey Superlogic, 174g, 400mm... I expect one could lose a few grams with a ti bolt instead of the steel one.

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by davidalone

FSA K force, 2 options with eiher 25 or 32 mm setback.

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by Wcl4

Causidicus wrote:How long is a piece of string?


Really, the possibilities are countless.

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by audiojan

My wife has a MCFK on her Parlee, probably the nicest seat post I've ever seen. Light and function, what's there not to like?! I have a AX Lightness Daedalus on my Parlee, really light and strong enough, but a bit of a hassle to work with.

The only drawback of those two would be the price… not exactly inexpensive. Enve's setback post is nice and significantly less pricey, but again, not as light either..
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by boots2000

Anywhere to get MCFK in USA?

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by drainyoo

Fairwheel stocks Mcfk.

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by Briscoelab

Don't forget the Pro Vibe carbon. It's quite light and has 20mm of setback.

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by totoboa

Merek. Found on eBay. Mine is uncut, 180g and under $80 US.

Just checked and it looks like their eBay store is going away . . . . . ??? ......

by Weenie

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by petepeterson

I have a 31.6 3T Dorico in Stealth Team. Great no BS post I would recommend.

I'll sell it to you if you want because I just got a Doric w/ zero setback for a better fit for me.


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