Gluing a EPS battery mount on a frame...

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by mrowkoob

audiojan what about a v 2 battery?
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by Weenie

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by audiojan

mrowkoob wrote:audiojan what about a v 2 battery?

The big benefit of the v2 is that it can be mounted inside of the frame (seat tube or down tube), but since this is a non-Di2 frame, that's not an option; no way to get the cables though the BB as that is a solid unit. Plus a v2 would require a new charger and a v2 DTI.

I took a piece of steel and bent it to fit the frame profile, drilled a hole in both ends of i; mounted one end to the battery and the other end with the screw holding the cable guide in place under the BB. Basically, it's mounted right at the intersection of the down tube and the BB. Looks ok, but time will tell how it works.
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by mattr

Didn't realise that they did multiple versions!
I'm using the clear 1mm stuff, 4910 by the looks of it.
Sticks well to cf sheet and injection moulded plastic........

Can get a small selection on ebay if you search around.

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by ferrarista

Why don't you sell your frameset and get a Di2 frameset? If you don't wanna sell, you could ask Parlee how much it would cost for them to modify the frame to be compatible to di2.

It will look much better with the cables inside the frame.

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by Butcher

My v2 battery works ok with the v1 DTI unit. Plus you can mount the v2 outside of the frame. Not that I would, but I have been known to drill a hole or two in carbon fiber.

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by Causidicus


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