Praxis chainring longevity?

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by cyclenutnz

Has anyone else found that they've worn out Praxis rings faster than other brands?
My set of clover rings are quite sad at 19,000km, which I'll grant is reasonable mileage. But I've never killed at set of rings in that time frame before (and yes I'm fussy about maintenance). - 3D Motion Capture and Frame Finder Software

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by Juanmoretime

No experience with Praxis but curious to see if they were standard or compact rings.

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by boysa

I don't think the mileage is reasonable at all if your numbers are correct. I just installed a set, so I have no idea how long they will last, but I would've expected them to do much better.

Out of curiosity, how many chains have you used in this time frame?
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by cyclenutnz

Chains are a bit hard to tell - rings (130BCD) are on my Quarq so go across several bikes. Maybe 6 chains.
Mileage derived from WKO+ custom report on mileage in last year and a half. - 3D Motion Capture and Frame Finder Software

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by Ypsylon

If you're truly fussy about maintainance, then it's probably not it, but using one crank on several bikes with different chains won't make them last longer.

I have no clue how many ks I have on mine, but I need to replace the battery on the SRM and they were put on when that happened the last time. They still look pretty good to me, both 53 and 39.
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by Svetty

It's hard to generalise. If all your miles tend to be on the big ring then this can start to show early 'shark-toothing' after 12000 miles or so - especially if you ride in all conditions with road grime a regular feature. However it shouldn't be more than early wear at this distance; it's hard to understand why your rings should wear more than this esp. given that you seem to change chains before they are too worn - I assume you change them as soon as they elongate to 0.75% or so?

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by TwiggyTN

Really depends on how much cross chaining you do, how clean you keep your chain, and how much power you can lay down. Guy I used to train with who is a Cat1 monster, always on the big ring, with filthy chains used to destroy 7800 rings in short order. Crazy.

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by boots2000

I have found that compact stuff wears quickly, also 11 speed anything seems to wear more quickly.
But as others have said it depends on many things.
Drivetrain cleaning.
New chains oftern.
Do you shift a lot? Cross chain a lot?
Are you a smooth shifter?
Sorry- you answered most of that.

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by Mr.Gib

Being big is tough on all things drive train. I go through chains scary fast. If you are a decent size man than 20,000 km is not too bad for rings these days. IMO within the realm of acceptable.
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by cyclenutnz

I don't always use it but I have a sonic bath for chain cleaning. That should give some perspective on my approach to maintenance and wrenching. Dirty chains are slow! (notice that my site is called speedtheory...)

Threshold ranges 340-370w

I don't cross chain or power shift, in short - I am careful with kit and I'm a bit surprised that the construction methods for Praxis have yielder a poorer result than other rings I've used -the TA rings on my SRM were great, even generic SRAM on the Power2max did better. - 3D Motion Capture and Frame Finder Software

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by 11.4

I clean my chain religiously and don't cross-chain (at least not the most extreme versions), but by 18,000 km, my large Dura Ace chainring looks like crap -- that's a 7950, and my 9000 looks like it'll get there just as fast. Those teeth are just really small and as the chain gets narrower, the side plates scrape on the chainring teeth more. That being said, I have Praxis rings on one bike and it's gone to 14,000 km, and though it's significantly worn, it isn't going to look worse than the Dura Ace. I figure that if any conditions trash out a 9000 ring, I can't expect Praxis or anyone else to do better. One thing about the Praxis rings is that the teeth aren't quite as narrow as on 9000, and they have a fairly bulky coating -- all of this conspires to make them look worn and really trashed, when the actual shape and weight of the aluminum aren't altered all that much. Are your chainrings really worn out (teeth compromised, deep hooks in the teeth) or just looking messy because the teeth have had their finish stripped off?

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