Reynolds 32 2013 Vs Attack 2014, which one?

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by eckhous

Hi guys, I need your help.

I got an option to buy Reynolds 32 2013 and Reynolds Attack 2014 at the same price.

The 32 belong to the more pro line, better carbon construction, better hubs (DT 240S), weight around 1330 grams, and the rim incorporate the Reynolds SLG that help with side winds and creates a more aerodynamics rim.

The Attack 2014 around the 1360 grams, I think they are using DT hubs but not as the 240S quality level, but they come with Reynolds new rim construction, moving from 21mm wide rim to 25mm rim.
The thing is attack belong to the more affordable line, with no SLG, different (more cheap) carbon construction etc...

In your opinion what would be a better deal?
Do you thing going with the 32 is a better deal since it is a better wheel, or picking the lower lineup but selecting 2014 wheels?


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by btompkins0112

I'd go for the wide rim Attack

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by Megaclocker

I have the 2012 or 2013 ''32'' with J-Bend spokes.

They are awesome.

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by FIJIGabe

Wide rims vs. better hub... I would go with the wider rim Attack, because of the improved ride characteristics of the wider rim profile.
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by apexrider

Does your frame have enough clearance for the 25mm rims?

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by SWijland

I would definitely go wide.

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by eckhous

Thanks guys for the feedback.

But still just looking from a price point, the 32 are around the 3000$ mark (Wiggle) and the attack are around the 1500$.

I'm more leaning to the 32, wide rim are nice, but better rims, carbon construction, better hubs and less weight isn't something that I can ignore.

I think in the end it will come to a look and emotional feel decision, since both wheels are great.

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