Cervelo R5 or Giant Propel SL1

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by MorningMongrel

Hi there

I'm finally at the point where I have the money to upgrade bikes. I have been torn between an aero or classic frame and still haven't really decided yet. I have narrowed it down to two choices: -

Cervelo R5 with DA9000
Giant Propel SL1 with DA9000

Which would you pick and why?

Please help me choose
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by Permon

Why do Your call Cervelo as Cecelia :?: :unbelievable:

Anyway, why are You stuck between non aero bike (R5) and aero bike (Propel)
I know, R5 has some aero in its design.....but S3 and S5 are the direct competitos of Propel.

by Weenie

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by MorningMongrel

I should have said I am aware of the S5. I don't like the look of it though and prefer the R5

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by Rob1519

As Permon said, look at the S3 or even the S2, the looks aren't as polarizing as the S5. Ride them all, one will jump out as the right bike.

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by Philbar72

one is a climbing/ GC bike the other is a aero frame. you are comparing apples and oranges!

Contextually the R5 will be lighter ( slightly) and less aero, it should handle better than the propel ( i've ridden both), and be far less suceptible to crosswinds ( the propels main issue). The propel will require you to use less watts in a straight line for the same speed. it will be slower on the climbs, but far better on still descents though again if you have sidewinds, you'll prefer the R5. the propel transmits power more effectively as well, but its bump damping and comfort is inferior. Bear in mind the rides were conducted with different wheels ( 52mm aero on the giant, and Ksyriums on the Cervelo).

As an allrounder the R5 is a very good bike. it does everything pretty well. The propel is more about straightline speed.

you thought about getting a decent bike btw, both wouldn't go on my shopping list?

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