De Rosa King 3 RS or Giant Propel SL1

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by Musashi1643

Hi All,

I'm hoping you can help me make a decision on comparing apples with oranges.

I have had my heart set on a Giant Propel SL1 for a while now and I now have the means to get one. I walked into the bike shop to have a look and then saw a De Rosa King 3 RS reduced from $12k to $5K. I know the De Rosa is not an aero bike so it is difficult to compare them. De Rosa is not something I had considered before and was more in the "one day" dream bike category. Which way would you go?

Giant Propel SL1 ... 435/65312/

De Rosa
Campag Chorus Shifters, Frt & Rear derailleur with a centaur crank.
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Details above are a bit thin I know but honestly this is not a like for like comparison.

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by wingguy

Was the De Rosa 12k with the build you listed, or have they swapped out some componentry as they've reduced the price? Even in AUD 12k sounds suspiciously high for incomplete Chorus and R1's.

Even with the De Rosa discount the Propel gives better value and is an excellent frame. If you're at all into sprinting I'd go with the Propel, amd to be honest the only reason I would choose the De Rosa in that situation would be if I'd really, really fallen in love with the looks.

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by BWO

Value for money in my opinion is Giant since it is Shimano Dura Ace. Much cheaper parts on the De Rosa.

I would also agree with wingguy was it $12k with chorus and centaur. Seems expensive for cheaper components.

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by Tamu8104

Giant Propel SL1 is the better purchase for a complete bike IMO. The reason to go De Rosa is if it's a dream frame that you would ride and cherish but I don't believe the price is anything special. Looks like the frameset retails for approx $3k.
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by BennyPropel


Nice problem to have. I ride a Giante SL1 with DA9000 and I love it. It's stiff and an aero bike but you can definitely knock out some long rides on it. I did 115km @ 30 km/h average on the weekend and it was a dream.

My previous bike was a Dogma 65.1 which was my dream bike. I sold it when I relocated which was dumb but in all honesty the Propel is just as good.

Pics on insty @Benny2707

If it were me like the guys have already said unless the DeRosa was your dream frame you're getting more bike with the Giant. The spec on the DeRosa seems a little low for a $12k sticker.


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by mitchgixer6

Another vote for the Giant. Much more bike for the money even though it will be much more 'workman' like than the De Rosa.

Definitely don't be swayed by the discount on the De Rosa, still seems pretty high price for the component.

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by russianbear

I'm with everyone, unless the De Rosa tugs on your heart strings immensely I'd go with the Propel here. It's a damn nice bike.

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by Horacio

Way more R&D in the Giant. I ride a 2013 TCR Advanced SL1 with DA9000 and love it! The Propel wasn't out yet, but I'm very happy with the TCR. You can't go wrong with a Giant!

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by catbill

I tried the Giant Advance SL about a year ago. Very smooth ride. Nice frame and well made but the colour not appeal to me at all. Never had the chance to ride a De Rosa King3. Nice colour option but sorry to be blunt, the overall shape does look like an oversize BMX to me. I like the original integrated sit post De Rosa Idol when it first came out about 6 years ago. Hand made in Italy. Not sure if they have shifted the product line outside of Italy.
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