Bontrager Aeolus vs. HED Stinger

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by KWalker

I'm looking at both options in a tubular, but also the Aeolus in a clincher. I am primarily interested in wheels of 50mm-70mm depth so it'd most likely be the Stinger 5 or 6s and the Aeolus 5s. The weight of the Bontragers is lower (the clinchers weigh almost what the HED tubulars weigh) and the price through my sponsor identical. I've searched for reviews of the new Aelous D5s and haven't found much info and have seen a lot of misleading comparisons from different companies.

What I'm most interested in are actual reviews of the wheels. Hopefully some of you have them.
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by Imaking20

I went from Stinger 6s to Bontrager D3 5 clinchers.

I loved the Stingers. Stiff enough (always had to really crank down the rear skewer for some reason or the wheel would pop out of the dropouts), held speed very well, and were certainly predictable in the wind. They're deep enough that they will push you around though. It's not something I get too concerned with as I'm usually 165-175 lbs but there have been some high speed moments where I got pushed a lot more than I'd have liked... probably would have been similar on box section rims though, honestly. Big gusts are big gusts.

I went to the Bontragers because they seem underrated, I REALLY like the info in their white paper, and I wanted a clincher so my wife won't be SOL if she gets a flat. I do notice the D3 takes atouch more effort to spin up (not huge by any means and maybe only noticeable because I rode them back to back) but they also hold speed very well and are plenty stiff for anything I've thrown at them... and I can sprint like a megawatt for 20 minutes. :wink:

Braking on both wheels is very good, slight advantage to the Bontrager. I also think the hubs on the Bontrager roll better... then they're also 11sp compatible (negligible if you're getting brand new Stingers, duh) and I think the white spokes look sharp.

Alas, I may also be selling the Bontragers because I'm broke and fancy parts have been taking a backseat to improving my training regimen.

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by Geoff

I can't speak to the Bontrangers, but the Hed Stingers are great. I have both 9's and 6's and can highly recommend them. I posted a 'review' on them here a while back. Do it, you won't be disappointed.

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by tallicaboy

owned a 3D3 front wheel and 5D3 for rear.
didn't owned a pair of stingers but want to try.
previously owned 404s (2011 model with V188 hub)

D3 rare wheel was definatly stiffer than 404. but can't tell the tiny difference of aero performance.
I assume I can't tell this difference if I do owned a pair of stingers.

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by spud

I suspect the biggest difference is in the hubs. Bontragers have DT guts, which are pretty bulletproof. Research Hed hubs, from what I remember they are not as reliable.

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by jimborello

I havent tried Bontrager wheels but I have a set of Stinger 9s on my tri bike and stinger 4s on my road bike and they are very good for the price. I have tried lots of wheels and these handle very well and are stiff enough so I would reccomend them anytime and customer service is very good.

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