New aero test: 12 aero frames vs 12 "unaero" light frames

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by fa63

Saw this on another forum, from Cervelo's twitter account:


These are the results from a recent Tour test. I don't know the details of how the test was performed.

by Weenie

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by User Name

This recently showed up on Cervelo's Twitter ... 26/photo/1

It's only the results; I gather the full article with all the parameters will soon be on

According to the Twitter comments on Cervelo's link, the difference between the best and worst aero frame is less that 1% of time difference over ~4hrs19m.

In bold are the "non-aero" frames

4:17:11 Cervelo S5
4:17:34 Merida Reacto EVO
4:17:51 BMC Time Machine TMRO1
4:18:01 Giant Propel Advanced SLO
4:18:02 Specialized S-Works Venge
4:18:06 Simplon Nexico
4:18:18 Scott Foil Team
4:18:25 Cervelo R5
4:18:29 Canyon Aeroad CF
4:18:33 Neil Pryde Bura S1
4:18:37 Scott Addict SL
4:18:45 Neil Pryde Alize
4:18:46 Canyon Ultimate CF SLX
4:18:48 Giant TCR Advanced SL
4:18:52 Ridley Noah Fast
4:18:54 BMC Time Machine SLR 01
4:18:56 Rose Xeon CW-8800
4:18:57 Simplon Pavo 3
4:19:04 Storck Fascenario 0.6
4:19:05 Storck Aerario
4:19:07 Specialized S-Works Tarmac
4:19:12 Ridley Helium SL
4:19:27 Rose Xeon CR5
4:19:42 Merida Scultura CF Team
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by Wcl4


This should be interesting

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by kgt

Cervelo presents a comparative test in which the best aero and non-aero frames are both Cervelo. Ok...

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by ToffieBoi

The difference between Venge and Tarmac is 00:01:05. Foil and Addict is 19 seconds. Some aero frames are slower than their "lighter brothers".

So, I believe that, buying a lighter frame, which can climb better and does not effect from sidewinds that much is a better idea.

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by FIJIGabe

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by rijndael

They tested "Light Frames" but didn't include a SuperSix EVO Hi-Mod?

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by elviento

I am surprised it took so long for someone to post this. Key is the test protocol because these tests can be very easily administered to yield very different results. Yaw range, weighting, bottle or not, bar height/width, rider/dummy rider or not, etc.
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by HillRPete

On top of what elviento says, I'd like to see a number of what would comprise a statistically significant difference, given the test measurement inaccuracies and so forth. Say 30 seconds of 4:18 hours (15480 seconds) are about 0.2%, I would be surprised if the test setup was so accurate. Might just as well see jitter here? Maybe not between the fastest and slowest, but with those in between.

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by Kayrehn

I vaguely recall Velo magazine testing the propel better than the Cervelo previously...

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by NealH

Well, without knowing more about the test protocol and conditions its difficult to draw too many conclusions other than aero frames are more a marketing tool than a performance advantage tool.

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by carbon2329

I couldn't agree more.


rijndael wrote:They tested "Light Frames" but didn't include a SuperSix EVO Hi-Mod?

:goodpost: Highly Suspect.....

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by HaroldC

kgt wrote:Cervelo presents a comparative test in which the best aero and non-aero frames are both Cervelo. Ok...

The sad part is that there will be people who don't see that as a problem. Or the fact that there are a bunch of popular frames not included in the "test".

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by ichobi

*Links removed*

They changed the test procedure a little bit from last year. Use half-body mannequin from torso down with rotating legs. Make sure you read the rest though.

The frames that weren't in the test were either not given by the manufacturers (for whatever reason) or didn't make the deadline for the article. (there were two frames for the latter case).

WIll try to upload the 'light' frames test sometimes tomorrow.
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by tommasini

Rider or no rider - they need to make that clear.

While it's nice to see how one frame/bike directly stacks against another - it's not so relevent when you take into consideration that a rider is a non negotiable part of each bike ride and contributes a lot to the movement of air around the frame.

To me a test with no "dummy" (like the DZ dummy) means little for real life buying decisions.

by Weenie

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