New BB30 frame incompatible Campag BB

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by r_mutt

fwiw, i have had 3 BB30 frames (cannondale) with zero issues. each frame has probably had 5-6K miles with the same crank and bb.

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by graeme_f_k

Couple of things here, just for completeness ...

The main problem with BB30 and other press-fit solutions is a combination of bearing walk and bearing alignment.

Bearing walk is made worse by the fact that all the native solutions that I know of, plus our own PT and UT solutions, use a pre-load washer to control variation of BB shell width / bearing placement and to pre-load the bearing. This means that the washer can further compress under the "walking" load, so allowing the bearings to perform the "walking" motion.

OT addresses these two points by first using a self-aligning bearing and secondly using a rigid system to fix the distance across the cranks relative to the bearing faces so making it nearly impossible for the bearings to walk - as they can no longer incline in the plane perpendicular to the BB axle in order to shift - there isn't "room".


No worries :-)

AFAIK, the PT adaptors haven't changed length. I will check. Grinding them (if Campagnolo *did* make them longer) is still a bad idea - Campag didn't add the extra length (with all the tooling costs involved) for the fun of it ...

OT is not compatible with 10s, no. The ring spacing is wrong and you get issues with front shift and the chain touching the back of the big ring when crossed from the small ring - depending on the chainstay length, it can happen on the 1st three sprockets up, inconvenient if you are running, say, 53 x 39 and ride a lot on 39 x 14 in training, as many riders do ...

Team bikes - I don't know ref. the team bikes that are supplied by the retailer to their team as we don't look after them - all of the continental pro teams we are working with this year are on OT AFAIK ... last year, with Astana, they used Specialized's own cranks with modified rings (to get the correct spacings for EPS), the other teams had threaded BBs if I recall correctly.
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