Bont Zero vs. S-works

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by Lucas1234

I am buying a new pair of shoes and am torn between lace up zeros and s-works narrow. I currently have a3's with the straps as far as they can physically go. I was thinking of adding a thicker tongue to the bonts. Which shoe should I get?

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by Stolichnaya

Lucas, there have been a number of threads like this and you surely already realize that shoes are key - so the answer is try a number of shoes on, not just the ones you mention here, then buy the one that fits the best. I would say make the choice completey blind of color, weight, lacing system, trends and what your friends/team/fave pros are wearing.

What fits your feet best will be best. Cobbling shoes to work for your feet should be limited to insoles and perhaps a heel pad to adjust feet length discrepancies. If you are doing more than that, you need custom shoes or a different brand/model.

That is probably not the answer you wanted, but shoes are arguably the key piece of kit you buy.

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by thebadger

You won't get a better answer than that.

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